Meet Judith Rubinger

Judith believes that every person deeply desires, needs and deserves to fulfill her unique purpose and that it is the nature of the spirit to move towards this realization and attain true fulfillment.

She believes that once a person discovers the vision of his perfect life, and defines that vision with clarity, amazing things begin to happen.

She believes that every human being is entitled to complete the mission of his soul – and that it is in aligning one’s physical reality with the truth of the spirit that a sense of wholeness is created.

Judith Rubinger believes that our “mistakes” are actually stepping-stones to greater achievements. Trusting the innate wisdom of the universe, we see that creation and all of life is miraculous, that the physical body is inherently good and worthy of our respect and protection. Life is a gift and we can all realize the opportunity to become truly amazing.


Judith Rubinger grew up in Long Island, New York. She graduated with a BA in English from Brown University, earning a Masters Degree in Theater Arts from UCLA and a second Masters in Counseling from Troy State University. Judith studied at UCBerkeley as an invited Fellow in Theater Directing. In 1990, she founded and directed The Young Company, the first classical acting ensemble for disadvantaged teenagers in central Florida, earning her the appreciation of the mayor. As a mental health counselor, Judith became actively involved in working with First Responders who volunteered their services during the attack on New York City during 9-11; Judith worked with many who relocated outside the New York metropolitan area. She became a leader in the move towards choosing healthy holistic strategies over conventional pharmaceutical solutions to empower these individuals , most of whom suffered physical and emotional  scars due to the plethora of toxic substances to which they were exposed. She maintains files of letters expressing personal gratitude and appreciation for her work in this venue. Judith is also a published author, a former stage actress and director, and a highly sought after life coach. She is a certified instructor of Kundalini Yoga and practices as a licensed mental health counselor in the State of Florida. For more information on her practice, CLICK HERE