Counseling Services

Judith Rubinger is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Florida. She has worked with adolescents, adults and couples for over 20 years. Among her clients are many “out of the box” people: artists, queers, gays, lesbians, transgender individuals and others.

Judith understands the need for wholeness and uses an integrative approach combining traditional therapeutic methods and alternative techniques. She is a certified kundalini yoga instructor and drama therapist and approaches every person as a whole being- body, mind and spirit. The therapeutic process is guided by a creative consciousness that zeros in on the needs of the individual client. Inevitably a spiritual component presents itself in her work, emerging from the core essence of the individual client.

Judith utilizes telephone and web counseling in her practice. Use of available technology can be for some an astonishingly effective way to work. This approach allows you to speak from the privacy of home or office, making it feasible for many with hectic schedules to have access to professional counseling from the comfort of their own homes.


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Individual Counseling

As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, I work with individuals of all ages and use a combination of alternative healing techniques as well as traditional psychotherapy. I incorporate yoga, hypnotherapy, writing, painting, meditation and pranic healing techniques,  offering my clients a multitude of strategies designed to support their goals and empower them  to attain happiness, peace and the fulfillment of their potential.

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Relationship Counseling

Communication, honesty and trust are the pillars of healthy relationships. Many times, one or both parties in a relationship find themselves emotionally overwhelmed; strong emotions often produce erroneous thoughts. Erroneous thoughts, beliefs, conclusions and assumptions can exacerbate an already negatively charged experience, making it virtually impossible to engage in clear rational communication and wreaking havoc on the relationship. I strive to help couples identify erroneous thoughts and beliefs and attain greater awareness of their respective tendencies toward irrational, destructive patterns of thought and behavior. Couples learn positive communication skills, sensitivity and awareness so that they create for one another, environments of trust, courage, support and love. This type of environment nurtures relationships based on respect and mutual support.

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LGBT Counseling


To those who find themselves outside the bounds of conventional gender labeling, I offer my support in getting clear and learning to accept and respect yourself. I have always had an instinctive dislike of labeling especially when it comes to human beings. Being OK with who you are is the first step to happiness and fulfillment.

Many times, our families, friends, co-workers and others cannot possibly understand what we are going through. Being different from the so-called “norm” is not easy. Sometimes, it is less scary to hide under the cloak of someone we are not. But “hiding out” is ultimately not the answer. We live a secret life for only so long before it begins to wear on our spirit and cause even more distress.

With non-judgmental support and encouragement, I have helped many realize their true selves and attain greater fulfillment.

I welcome gays, lesbians, transgender and bisexual people, and regard their humanness, not the “label” imposed by others. I empathize with the challenges they face defending and explaining themselves to family, friends and co-workers. Perhaps this is the reason that so many who stand outside the conventional box have found themselves drawn to my office.

A professional counselor or coach by your side before, during and after your coming out – if that is what you choose- can make all the difference in the world. I offer telephone or face to face appointments for individual consultations.

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Telephone Counseling

  • Are you feeling hurt?
  • Conflicted or troubled in your relationships?
  • Do you have difficulty making decisions or standing up for yourself?
  • Has life thrown you some curve balls that seem impossible to manage?

Talk to a compassionate licensed professional therapist from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

As a trained therapist, I can offer you the help you need to overcome depression, anxiety, and help you attract and sustain the healthy relationships you deserve. I will listen, respond and provide constructive feedback and unconditional support. I will empower you to reclaim your life and rediscover your dreams. This is all quite possible over the telephone with the utmost professionalism, confidentiality and respect. Telephone counseling is confidential, affordable, and effective.

Why continue to suffer when you don’t have to?  Talking is the first step toward feeling better. Telephone counseling takes it to the next level. You get the help you need in a setting that provides absolute confidentiality from an experienced professional  therapist.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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